Wedding arches for rent

Wedding arch is a small but great detail

Wedding arches for rentYour wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable days in your life. With everything you have to do for the wedding event, getting the small details out of the way is important so that you can concentrate on the bigger things. Renting your wedding items from a reliable rental company is your first priority because if you do not find a company that is reputable you could find your wedding lacking in everything you need on the big day. So look around at several rental companies for wedding arches for rent.

Once you are secure with the company that you want to rent your items from, then you will have many detailed choices to make. One of the biggest choices would be what type of arch you want the ceremony to take place under. This small detail is where all your guests’ eyes will focus as they watch you begin your new life. The bridal couple stands under the arch with the minister to say their vows. Some arch’s can be made with a delicate pattern and some are very plain and many arches are covered with decorations, balloons or flowers, it all is decided by personal preferences.

Often at beach weddings, a bamboo arch is used for the ceremony and many times, it is entwined with silky drapes and covered with a beautiful floral design. A beach wedding arch is usually placed where the background is the sea giving the guests the view of the ocean for memories that last a lifetime. On a beach, themed arch may be starfish and seashells that have been placed in the arch flower design. Almost any theme that you have for your wedding can be incorporated into your wedding arch. It might take a little doing but your arch can be transformed into the dream you had envisioned.

If the beach just is not your style there are more traditional wedding arch’s for rent that might fit the theme of your big event.

Available types of wedding arches for rent

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • PVC vinyl
  • Steel tubing
  • Steel rods
  • Wrought iron
  • Metal
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Onyx bronze

Wedding arches for rent prices explained

Depending on where you live, what type of arch you want, how large it needs to be and how elegant you want it to be will determine the price of the wedding arch rental. An arch can rent anywhere from $80 to $500 dollars. This may seem like a high price to pay but when you are not looking for the big church scene and you want to spice up the area you are getting married at, a wedding arch is the quickest and easiest answer. If you are a do it yourself kind of person you could rent the cheapest arch available and decorate it with ribbons, flowers, lace, lights, jewels or anything your imagination brings to you.

You’re wedding is a special day that is not to be repeated so make your dream into your reality and go the extra step. Find the best wedding supply store there is and look into the arches they have for rent and give yourself the beauty and elegance of a wonderful arch above you as your life together becomes wonderfully entwined.

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