4 stroke leaf blower

4 strokes you’re done

4 stroke leaf blowerLawn care is essential to have a beautiful and healthy lawn but without proper maintenance, your lawn can suffer. If you do not collect or remove clippings, leaves, stems or grasses you could end up with places for disease caused by organisms. Decaying leaves not crushed up for mulch can keep the ground to wet, slime can occur, and insects can live and bread between them. Even thought he leaves may look pretty for a while as they trickle to the ground after awhile they get dark and is not very nice looking on your lawn any more. Here the 4 stroke leaf blower will be a welcomed companion to tackle this issue.

Dealing with a leaves problem

You have a few choices on what and how to take care of your leaf problem. You could mulch the leaves if you want more nutrients to go into the ground but that takes time and you have to make sure it is done correctly or you can blow them away with what are called gas powered leaf blowers. At a lower price than many of its competitors a 4 Stroke leaf blower is quickly becoming one of the most popular leaf blowers out there.

A powerful and durable gas powered leaf blower

It handles easily and has a 4 stroke sturdy gas powered engine this efficient leaf blower does the big jobs as well as the small. The 4 stroke emits quieter noise levels and gives out much less emissions because it does not require any fuel mixes. With 145 MPH, you get great power for your money and this leaf blower can work commercially just as well as private home jobs. You also are treated to a fuel tank of 17.6 oz making it so that you do not have to fill up as often. This is a very big machine in a small package with the 4 Stroke Leaf Blower you only carry around 9.8 pounds making it very handy for turns and lifts. A handy 2.5-foot nozzle helps you get in all those small spaces that can be frustrating and annoying. A few added plus are the two different kind of nozzles you receive, the blower itself and a great tidy tool kit.

Gas leaf blowers are topping all charts

Every gas powered 4 stroke leaf blower is backed by a 3-year warranty that covers repair due to defects in materials and workmanship. With the great price of the leaf blower being so cheap you would think you were getting a product to match it but your not, what you are getting is a quality made leaf blower with exceptional power and easy handling with a very reasonable price tag. The reviews for this leaf blower really do tell the story with 90% of them coming in with above 5 or above stars. Comments like Assembling the blower was very easy and it starts right up! and According to the Makita website, this is a 145MPH blower, but honestly it feels a lot stronger show that people are liking what they have found in the 4 cycle leaf blower.

Waiting for the gas fuelled backpack edition

Some customers stated that they wished there was a backpack version of the 4 stroke leaf blower and they hope that the company that is making these come up with one soon but in the mean time, they are happy to use this one. It is lightweight, works great and the cost is affordable the 4 cycle leaf blower is here and ready to take care of your lawn.