New Holland Bale Wagon

New Holland Bale WagonThe New Holland bale wagon of any type will save you time and money! With New Holland, gone are the days of a crew of four or five strong men toiling along a long flat bed truck for hours in the hot summer sun, tossing, stacking and moving hay bales to the barn. The New Holland hay bale wagon is one of many types of New Holland farm equipment that has not only made farming easier, but has made it more profitable with a reliable long life. Today, thanks to continued hard work of the New Holland agriculture engineers, the hay baling, hauling and stacking is extremely efficient and nearly labor-free.

The New Holland bale wagon is comfortable and automatic

The H9800 Series New Holland bale wagon is a hay bale loader that is a self-propelled automatic wagon. You sit in the cab with comfort while it efficiently loads and stacks large square hay bales efficiently. If the farmers of old could just see this high tech equipment run! On those long hay baling days, with the ergonomic swivel seat, side console and instrument panel well in front of you, there is lots of legroom. This model is very user-friendly to control all the operation with an omni-function squeeze handle. There is all-around safe visibility with the curved windshield. You can listen to the radio thanks to the well-designed cab. It’s very quiet in there, which makes that arduous day much quieter. You may have volunteers to climb in and run the H9800 for you! The H9800 is a very powerful and efficient loader wagon, so it can handle the heavy hay loads for many years reliably.

The New Holland hay bale wagon model H870 and H880

The H9870 (three-bale wide) and the H880 (two-bale wide) hay balers model have a powerful New Holland engine that founder Henry Ford would be proud of. This engine in either New Holland hay bale wagon will give you more running time in the field because it’s also highly efficient, which makes it better for your environment as well.

Engineering is superior for any New Holland model for reliability and a long life

New Holland engineers use cutting edge technology in designing the New Holland tractor, trailer and New Holland hay bale wagon in a wide range of varios in the saize categories small, midsize and large. They ensure that the main frame is as load stress-free as much as possible, which provides you many years of productive service from your New Holland bale wagon. For the self-propelled models the cab is separate from the chassis, and mounted on an isolated frame to prevent twisting, and to let you ride in the cab quietly in comfort.

The 1037 is medium sized, but stacks bales like a giant loader

The 1037 model New Holland bale wagon is a pull type that works fast to collect and stack all your hay bales. As you sit comfy in your tractor seat, it will load and stack large 14X18, or 16X18 hay bales with ease. It can handle four tons each load, and will stack them perfectly with its mechanically controlled tier formation.

It’s simple and efficient to operate. Hook it up to your tractor PTO, and it’s ready to go! The 1037 has easy to reach squeeze-handle controls for all functions. However, you can also do all the controlling with a remote control option.

Henry Ford and Abe Zimmerman were the founding fathers of New Holland. Their mission to build farm equipment always as reliable and efficient as possible for the farmer has been a legacy. The New Holland bale wagon has been award-winning equipment for its simple design, long life and ease to operate. New Holland has an excellent reputation for making agriculture productive, yet as comfortable as possible for the farmer. It also seemlesly accompanies the New Holland hay rake and most models are widely available at one of the many New Holland dealers all over de globe.

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