New Holland Discbine

New Holland DiscbineThe tougher your field conditions, the better the New Holland Discbine gets! Read on to see how this unique mower-conditioner will make your hay baling experience much better than ever. Even during the inclement weather, the Discbine quickly prepares your heavy hay crop for wide-swaths or windrows. Regardless of the usual field obstacles, such as fire ant, snake, and gopher mounds, this amazing equipment is multifunctional as a disc mower, haybine and tedder. Find how it will save you so much time and labor!

There is a solutions for your haying operation

For whatever your size and conditions of your hay field, the New Holland Discbine will condition and dry the hay quickly for you. There is the durable seven-disc model, with plenty of power to easily cut a nine-foot swath each pass. The largest is the huge twelve-disc model that swiftly cuts down a 15’ 7” swath each pass. One of the helpful, knowledgeable New Holland dealers is nearby who can personally discuss the model that is right for you.

Cutting edge technology with its MowMax cutter bar

The Discbine features an advanced cutter bar called the MowMax with ShockPRO disc drive hubs. The New Holland’s MowMax™ cutter bar is the leader in the farming industry. It’s why the Discbine has such a quiet and smooth running performance. The Discbine also has fast and inexpensive cutter bar servicing. The power is driven by gearboxes that are individually sealed, each with its own oil reservoir. Thus, your discs are always well lubricated, even if you are on steep hills.

Discbine cuts cleanly with the MowMax cutter

Your MoxMax cutter bar has effective rock guards set low, permitting lower  cutting at a 1800angle every time. With this engineering, too, the Discbar cutter bar runs smoothly over the field, minimizing wear on your equipment.  You will get your entire hay crop with no blade damage thanks to the fully adjustable header flotation springs and always-running cutting height adjustment.

The ShockPRO protects your New Holland Discbine

The ShockPRO is built to absorb any blow from the impact of a foreign object in your field, preventing any damage to your MowMax cutter bar, and other components.  Furthermore, the New Holland hay Discbine is covered with a three-year MowMax warranty; the best in the agriculture industry.

Discbine gives you a choice of flail or roll conditioning

The Discbine provides you many choices of conditioning systems to get ahead of the inclement weather, and yield nutritious feed for your livestock or horses. It offers you all these system choices:

  • Chevron steel intermeshing rolls
  • Chevron rubber intermeshing rolls
  • Torsion-bar roll pressure system
  • Flail conditioning for grass crops, to give you fast drying time, with  wide or thin hay spreading

New Holland sets the agriculture industry standard with all its products, from such incredible tractors as the sleek work-horse T5060 to the New Holland Discbine. The New Holland rake and this machine will get your hay crop prepared faster and more abundantly. With its fast, efficient cutting and preparing of your valuable hay crop, you will also stay ahead of the weather. Feel secure on your farm with New Holland.

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