New Holland Hay Balers

New Holland Hay BalersCommercial operators in the hay business will tell you New Holland hay balers are “hands down” the best. They simply trust a New Holland hay baler to meet the demands for consistent quality and density of hay bales. Livestock and horse owners rely on the New Holland made bales for hand-feeding their valued animals.  Find out how New Holland accomplishes this ahead, and why you should go to New Holland for your farm haying operation, too.

New Holland service is everywhere and around the clock

First of all, New Holland is not only all over North America, but in a total of over 160 nations, with over 1,100 dealers!  All New Holland hay baler have an excellent service warranty, with a top notch service team that will follow up your call to ensure that you are totally satisfied with a solution to any concern.  The service team is not only near you, but is there 24-hours- a-day every day of the year to resolve any issue.  Just call us at the easy-to-remember toll free number: 866 – NEW – HLND anytime.  How’s that for service?  New Holland cares about you, the farmer who feeds the world.  They are for sale with the warranty and service to back them up. New Holland cares about you beyond the purchase of the product, so if you buy for example a New Holland hay rake you can expect over 10 years of support after your purchase!

Every NewHolland hay baler has several exclusive farm industry leading features

  • Hay equipment with a patented Super-Sweep bale pickup that saves your hay crop
  • A smooth-running gear-driven twine knotter that machine ties thousands of bales perfectly
  • A patented Power-Pivot PTO that gives you manoeuvrability in the field

Because of these performance tested and proven engineering features, you will see that you can seriously depend on each bale made to have the same high quality density and consistency after thousands of bales for many seasons. These bales will stack and transport conveniently because of it.

Round baler operations can depend on New Holland hay balers

With the above-mentioned features, you will have perfectly produced round bales. The New Holland Roll-Belt comes in 13 different models to choose from for your farm’s custom field conditions.  Each New Holland round baler has just the precise machine combination of rolls and belts of the 13 models to suit your field haying operation for many years.

Square baler operations can also depend on New Holland hay balers

If you need a custom square bale, for livestock or horse farming, New Holland hay baler are for you.  Just as for the New Holland round balers, the New Holland square balers pick up and produce perfect bales. You can rely on precise hand-feeding your cattle or horses each time, thousands of times.  Many commercial balers rely on the BC500 model for easy-to- handle consistent square hay bales.

The New Holland hay balers have a smooth, even rotary feeding system that is durable and dependable

Whether your New Holland hay baler is pulled by a New Holland tractor or self propeled, the New Holland rotary feeding system is durable, dependable and darned easy to service and adjust during the time out on your field.  For more information take a look at this New Holland T5060. It simply smoothly makes the bales with an even flow, which means it minimizes leaf loss. It’s a machine that has a simple rotary feeder that pairs rotating tines with a feeder fork. It has the whole system smoothly synchronized for continuous crop flow each day, all hay season.

Now you see why the New Holland hay baler is the one of choice by so many commercial hay operators world-wide.  Once you get on that comfortable New Holland tractor, and run high-yield windrows with your New Holland rake, you know that you can continue to trust New Holland. The New Holland hay balers will truly produce perfect round or square hay bales for many years on your farm.

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