New Holland Hay Rake


New Holland Hay RakeIf you want to earn more profit and time on your farm, use the New Holland hay rake. New Holland, with its yellow and blue logo colors lives up to the motto “blue efficiency” with its hay rake. There are several models, and there’s one that is perfect for you farm’s needs.

HT100 Trailing Wheel hay rake will work fast for high-volume raking

With the HT100 Series trailing wheel New Holland hay rake, you can move tons of hay, fluffing them into windrows fast for a quick drying time. These folding V – rakes are available for all sizes of hay field, from the 17 to 36 foot wide rake. There’s an old saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” This describes the HT100. It can handle any terrain for high speed raking of your hay.

The Rolabar hay rake works efficiently due to its proven design

The Rolabar hay rake series is an engineering marvel in agriculture. All the hay will be in windrows, with no dirt in it thanks to this New Holland model series. You can even double your productivity with the model 252 rake hitch, as it will let you hook up two Rolabar rakes, and have the hay ready for the New Holland baler in no time!

The Rolabar hay rake is low maintenance

Should your tine bar bearing ever become damaged, you can replace it swiftly, and get that hay windrowed with little down-time. The New Holland hay rake Models 258 and 260 even have double ball bearings for extra long life and very low maintenance to make these a very decent hale bale wagon. They have an in-line telescoping drive, which shifts power from your wheels to the reel with sturdy gears. Both models have a universal joint that is built for the demands of any field. Very little lubrication is needed for the New Holland Rolabar rake. Just like their forefathers, Abe Zimmerman and Henry Ford, New Holland knows you want your time in the field to be as productive as possible.

The Rolbar compliments the New Holland bale wagon seemlessly and together these two models form the New Holland hay balers line that makes the life of any farmer significantly easier.

More features that make the Rolabar rake reliable and efficient

Both wheels drive, assuring uniform windrows on turns going left or right on the ground drive models. Their offset wheels are set close to the basket for more than just style. It permits the tines to follow very close to the terrain, meaning a cleaner raking, and importantly, more hay. You have cranks that permit raising or lowering either of the basket’s sides, for correct ground clearance.

Models 163 and H5270 – Each style of New Holland tedder will dry your hay faster

When bad weather approaches, and you just mowed the hay, you want to get that hay dry for loading into your barn as soon as possible. That’s how these two models of tedder can save your day. Either tedder fluffs your hay fast by distributing it evenly, allowing air to flow through it. You’ll be able to follow up with the New Holland hay rake right after the mower, before the storm strikes.


New Holland wants your time in the hay field to be productive. That’s why the New Holland trailing wheel and Rolabar rakes are tested thoroughly, with the optimal structural engineering developed for getting all your hay off the ground and into storage. Remember there is also a fine warranty with any model of hay tools, too. Should you ever need assistance, New Holland representatives are there for you 24 hours a day, at a toll free number. Call 866-NEW-HLND (866-639-4563) if ever there is a concern. Remember, should a New Holland hay rake ever need a part, there are dealers nearby for any part you need.