New Holland Rake

New Holland Rake

The New Holland Rake is a highly efficient rake. The New Holland Rolabar feeds cleaner hay, and more than other models of rakes. The NH Rake has offset wheels that are near the basket, which means it’s engineered so that tines follow the contour of your field. The tines will pick up the hay only, leaving all else on the ground. Also, the tine bar bearings are easy to replace, and you don’t have to remove the tine. There’s also a New Holland tedder that actually “fluffs” the hay. This gives you more productive time, also, on your farm. Your hay dries quickly so that you can rake it before inclement weather.

The New Holland Rake models 258 and 260

The New Holland Rake Models 258 and 260 have a hydraulic drive, which lets you control the speed of the basket to the field and crop conditions, and at any field speed of your tractors. This translates to mean you are able to set your basket speed swiftly and efficiently for uniform windrows of your crop, even when the crop is heavy. You simply set your rake slowly for such a heavy load. There are double ball bearings on these models that mean low maintenance and a long life.New

Holland Rake Rolabar hydraulic rake are long lasting and efficient

The hydraulic rake by New Holland is very low maintenance and very durable for a two solid reasons:

  • The hydraulic relief valve protects the rake if it ever hits an object
  • There are far fewer moving parts

Models 257 and 256 have special features for raking

These two fine rake models have single bearings, and an in-line telescoping drive that puts the power from the wheels to the reel through specially heat-treated, smooth-running gears. The universal joints are engineered to withstand the harsh demands in your field. They need only minimal lubrication and maintenance. Each wheel drives, which will form consistent windrows on all your turns. The article on the New Holland discbine will elaborate more on this.

The New Holland Rake has offset wheels for a cleaner operation

All rake rolabar models have offset wheels set very close to the basket. This was engineered so that the tines follow closely to the lay of the ground, for cleaner raking and more hay picked up. There are height-adjustment cranks, allowing you to lower or raise either end of the basket independently to clear the ground. For handling the rough terrain, the crank arm locks keep the arms from losing position over any rough contours of your field.

Model 252 has two rakes for more yields

It makes sense that two rakes will cut your labor-time in half, and double your yield of hay. The model 252 carries a pivot-tongue rake hitch, and allows you to use and transport two Rolabar rakes without having to leave that tractor seat. Your remote New Holland hydraulics will do all the labor for you. This model gives you choices on your windrows. You can rake two individual windrows, or combine them into one large one. Think about it, this gives you the option of making two windrows if your hay is very dense, or one if it’s rather light density. With the “252”, you won’t need dolly wheels because the rakes directly hook to the hitch. There’s a V-tandem rake hitch for arduous teamwork with the two rakes for the ground drive raking.


The New Holland rake is a real workhorse, requiring very little equipment maintenance and lubricating. This hard hard working machine is also sometimes called the New Holland Hay Rake and it was engineered with few parts than other rakes on the market. It also has offset wheels for more and cleaner hay from the field. They also have a hydraulic relief valve to protect your rake from those unseen objects during the operation. It is obvious that NH efficiency in agriculture their top priority. Make an appointment with a few New Holland dealers to see which midels fits your needs best.