New Holland T5060

The New Holland T5060 Tractor

New Holland T5060The New Holland T5060 is truly a versatile tractor that has lots of power. If you are a dairy, livestock, contractor or a landscaper this handsome workhorse is for you! The T5000 series comes in a wide range of specifications for you to choose from, and generates in the latest model up to 106 horsepower.

The New Holland T5060 has an ultra-modern sleek design

The T5060 New Holland tractor is durable and reliable for all the demands on your farm, but has the compact aerodynamic sleek appearance of a race car or any of the New Holland hay balers. There is even an attractive New Holland blue paint job! The bonnet down-slopes not to cut wind resistance for higher speeds, despite the appearance. It serves to give you more visibility of the front-end mounted attachments and the loader.

The T5060 is improved over the already reliable tractor series

The T5060, and all the T5000 series, has:

  • Lower fuel consumption and fuel emissions, which not only saves you money, but saves the environment
  • Increased power for more productivity, and it increases the life of your T5000 series tractor
  • Increased torque for quicker take-offs
  • Increased payload capability by another ten percent
  • Turf style or agriculture tires are optional

A low-oriented floor cab with lots of room, and a roof hatch with side windows that make your operations easier and safer from the seat.

The T5060 has a new engine with more power and torque

With a new turbocharged 4.5 litre New T5060 engine is still biodiesel ready.  The latest model has about six horsepower more power. Available today: T5030 76hp, T5040 86hp, &5050 7hp, T5060 106hp. The powerful compact engine also has intercool for long running.  For a longer life of the new engine the speed has reduced to 2,300 rpm from the 2,500 rpm.  It also has reduced fuel usage with this rpm change.  Torque levels are unrivaled in this class of tractor. Maximum levels of torques are at 425Nm.  This is considerably higher than past models- yielding a 40% rise in torque! The T5000 series is built for lower running costs. Maximum torque can be attained at an engine speed of only 1,300 rpm, which means less noise and fuel used.   Reportedly, service intervals are still at the agriculture industry’s best of 600 hours.

The New Holland T5060 has a front axle with a 600turning angle

All the New Holland T5000 series now has strongly reinforced 4 Wheel Drive, with a balanced steering cylinder for greater ground clearance. With a steering angle now of 600,you will have a 4 meter turning radius.

The New Holland T5060 front loader also has more hydraulic power

Due to a new dual pump setup for the hydraulic system; any extra power left over from the steering pump is used to increase the pump flow rate, which will improve front loader performance considerably. This will get better results for your yard even when you use a trailer.

Conclusion for the T5060

The New Holland T5000 series is now even more powerful and roomier. The extra power will make this tractor run smoother, safer, and more productive. The T5060 is a handsome workhorse. With its lower bonnet, your view has improved to a full 360 degrees around you.  You will enjoy performing all your field operations with such power while sitting comfy in the ergonomically designed seat.  Dealers are now everywhere in the world. There is one near you and can be found on the internet, and should you need new New Holland parts online at reasonable prices. There is a fine warranty with the T5060, so the part you need may even cost you nothing. Have fun farming with the New Holland T5060.

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