Cleaning Dogs Ears

How to clean dogs ears?

Cleaning Dogs EarsHow to go about cleaning dogs ears may be one of the most commonly asked questions by first-time dog owners out there. I can’t blame them. It may seem simple but it is far more difficult than it sounds. Its ears are considered one of the most sensitive parts of a dog’s body and it should be handled with utmost care. As commonly advised, it is best to leave the job to a veterinarian or a veterinary technician to prevent any risk of injury but for those who have no access to a veterinary’s help or even enough funds to pay for personal assistance, here are a few helpful tips on how to clean dogs’ ears safely and successfully.

First is to assess the condition of your dog’s ear. Try facilitating your visual and olfactory senses to check if there are any indications of dogs’ ear problem. For example, if your dogs’ ears smell, and excessive production of cerumen is evident, then that may be an indication of an infection. If that is the case, it is in the dog’s best interest to be left under the supervision of a professional. If in case that there are no signs of any infection whatsoever, then you can precede with your task of cleaning dogs ears.

The second step is to have all the necessary equipments you’ll be using at your disposal. This is to ensure that there won’t be any hassle while cleaning dogs ears and to save you time as well. Set up the table to be used and ask for assistance from a friend or a family member to hold the dog in place while you’re cleaning your dog’s ears. It’s best to ask assistance from someone whom the dog is comfortable with. This is to prevent it from being uncomfortable and jittery throughout the cleaning process. When all is in place, have the assistant holding the dog’s head in place while cleaning the outer layer first with a cotton ball dipped in mineral oil (or any commercial dog ears cleaning agent). If the cotton ball is dirty, please discard and use another one until you get to the innermost part of the ear. Apply light pressure as some of the areas are full of blood vessels which are highly sensitive and prone for injury.

Remember: slow gentle strokes!

A dog ear cleaning solution

Dog ear cleaning solution is advised to be used while cleaning the dog’s ears. In comparison to water, a dog ear cleaning solution is scientifically manufactured to directly tend to the needs of our canine best friends. It has the right pH balance and has the right components to thoroughly do the job. Some ear cleaning solution for dogs are also less harmful compared to peroxide-instilled formulas thus preventing the risk of unwanted burns and irritations. If one doesn’t have the funds to buy a commercially distributed dog ear cleaning solution, then you can opt in using mineral oil which also effectively removes ear wax in dogs. Dog ear drops can also be used to irrigate the hard to reach parts of the dog’s ear. After turning the head side-ways, gravity will then cause the solution to ooze out, flushing any debris out of the ear.

Dog ear wash

Dog ear wash will not just help your dog feel all relaxed and clean, but it will also prevent them from having any unwanted sickness or irritation. It will also make your dogs ears smell clean. You can even damp a scant amount of dog ear powder to boost the cleanliness level after a great dog ear wash.

Dog ear infections

Dog ear infections may pose as a problem in you cleaning your dog’s ears. The cerumen the dog is discharging is needed to determine the cause of dog ear infection. Once the sample is submitted to the veterinarian, and once the cause is unearthed, the dog ear infection medicine may be administered. After that, it will be the veterinarian’s call when will be the right time to do the task of cleaning dogs ears.