Common Dog Diseases

Common Dog DiseasesIt’s advantageous to be knowledgeable of common dog diseases if you own one. If you know about a dog disease, you can easily identify it from your dog’s symptoms, treat it, and hopefully cure it.

Listed are the most common dog diseases, some of them are also common to us as fellow mammals. When possible, treatment information is given with the listed disease.


Arthritis is a painful inflammation of your dog’s joint or joints, and impairs its mobility. It is often caused from cartilage being worn away at the joint, leaving the poor animal with bone rubbing against bone. Although, not medically verified to be effective, chondroitin and glucosamine sometimes will relieve arthritis symptoms.  It is among common dog diseases for any canine if it lives a long life.

Allergic Dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis causes your dog to scratch and lick profusely.  Its skin will be flaky and rough usually with this disease.  Tests for the cause will typically be recommended by a veterinarian. Over-the –counter topical drugs can give relief until the source is found.


Cancer can strike a dog anytime.  The best way to prevent it is to give your dog a nutritious diet, and let the dog be active. Should this dreaded disease hit your dog, treatment is the same as for us. It may mean chemo-therapy, surgery, or radiation treatment.

Periodontal disease

Among common dog diseases, periodontal or dental disease is easy to prevent.  Take your dog to the vet every six months for a good cleaning and check up. If your dog does have an infection, the vet can prescribe an antibiotic for immediate treatment.  Chlorhexidrine is effective in preventing tooth infections, also.

Diabetes mellitus

If your dog suddenly becomes lethargic and thirsty, begins urinating often, losing weight rapidly,  and shows abdominal pain, it may be sick with diabetes mellitus, which is among common  dog diseases as in humans.  The care for your dog is for it to have a sugar-free diet, and if severe, insulin injections.

Heart diseases

Sometimes a dog is born with subaortic stenosis –SAS-, which is a heart defect treated by beta-blockers prescribed by your veterinarian. Propranolol is the drug most often used to treat SAS.

Scarring of the heart is a common malady of dogs, and may only be detected by tests.  Often it’s the mitral valve that is scarred. Should your dog acquire this problem, there is no cure, but your vet can prescribe meds to treat it.


Heartworm is a common disease, and will eventually kill your dog if left untreated.   A symptom of this disease is a frequent cough. It is transmitted to a dog only by an infected mosquito, and can be prevented from infecting your dog only be a heartworm pill taken regularly. There is a cure, if caught in time, however it is very costly.

Ear infections

To prevent an ear infection of your dog, do these three steps:

  • Keep its hair cut away from the ear hole
  • Weekly put a few eye drops of  1 part white vinegar and 1 part water in its ear
  • Vitamin C tablets should be given regularly. Consult your vet for the amount, as it’s depending on your dog’s weight.

There are many common dog diseases. Since they are a mammal, like us, they have some of the same problems with illnesses as we humans.  Like us, too, many health problems can be prevented by regular exercise and a nutritious diet.