Dog Diseases

Dog DiseasesKnowing about common dog diseases can help a pet owner immensely. Many people have the notion that pets more specifically canines do not suffer from the type of illness that humans do. On the contrary humans and dogs possess similar blood qualities that make it just as viable for a dog to have for example cancer, like a human does. Some common dog diseases include:

This is caused by a highly contagious airborne virus.
Hepatitis (Adenovirus)
Transmitted through the urine, feces or saliva of the infected animal.
Caused by bacteria spread through contact with nasal fluids, urine or saliva of infected animal.
Kennel Cough
A highly contagious canine illness characterized by inflammation of the upper respiratory system.
All viruses in the Parvoviridae taxonomic family.
This is a highly contagious viral infection which attacks the gastrointestinal tract.
This affects all mammals including humans. Transmission is done through the bite of an infected animal.

Dog Diseases and Symptoms

Pet owners need to be very aware of the specific symptoms that a canine disease entails. Mindful of the fact that some diseases carry similar symptoms, it is best to be keen on the illness from the early stages. Some early signs of specific dog diseases are:

Addison’s disease
Symptoms include: lethargy, anorexia, vomiting, and muscle weakness. These symptoms are also present in bacterial endocarditis and chronic gastritis. With Addison’s disease however, the canine may collapse due to shock during a period of stress.
Chronic Bronchitis
The symptoms of this is a harsh, dry cough that usually ends in retching and discharging saliva. These symptoms are also common in kennel cough.
Symptoms of canine diabetes increases thirst, bad breath, weight loss and frequent urination. These symptoms can also be attributed to Uremia (kidney failure).
This is a type of bone cancer. Symptoms include the swelling of any bone in the canine, limping and pain. Difficulty eating and swallowing could also be observed in canines with this condition.
This is an uncommon disorder. A canine with narcolepsy will arbitrarily fall asleep for periods of time when they are just sitting there, playing, or even eating. No organs or normal bodily functions are affected when an incident occurs.

Diseases in Dogs

Like many human health problems, some dog diseases, injuries and physical disorders are grave while others are not. What most will find soothing is that the immense majority of health issues that canines commonly experience can be successfully treated with medications, physical therapy, surgery, or other types of medical cures. It’s often very hard to detect what type health problems dogs may be experiencing due to the language barrier. However, if pet owners do extensive research on common ailments and diseases, it will assist them in detecting when their canine companion is “under the weather”. Having your veterinarian on speed dial, wouldn’t hurt either.

Dog Skin Diseases

Some dog skin diseases may be as a result of deficiencies in the dog’s immune system. This in turn makes the canine vulnerable to recurring bacterial infections such as mange and fungus. Some common dog skin diseases include:

Atopic Dermatitis
This is a genetic and chronic skin disease. It is common in Golden Retrievers.
Acute Moist Dermatitis
Otherwise called hotspot is an inflamed and infected area on the skin cause by the dog licking itself.
This fungal infection is more common in puppies.
Canine Scabies
This is a common parasitic skin disease that is highly contagious.

Most skin related dog diseases are treatable and preventable. Taking care of your canine’s hygienic needs is an absolute necessity in preventing fungus and mites.