Dog Ear Infection

Dog Ear InfectionThe dog ear infection is a very common occurance among dogs. There are three types of ear infections that strike them, and all three are curable: ear mites, occasional irritation, and the chronic ear infection. They are all treatable, but the chronic is the most challenging for the vet to cure.

The three types of ear infection are treatable:

  • Ear mites are natural, and are easy for the vet to diagnose and cure.
  • First time, or occasional ear inflammation due to an irritant. The ear is healthy except for the irritation from any number of sources. It’s also easy for the vet to cure.
  • The chronic ear infection, that is just hard on everyone concerned. The dog suffers greatly, and requires continued visits to the vet.

Symptoms of an ear infection

There are several possible symptoms of a dog ear infection. One symptom is shaking of the dog’s head, or scratching around the ear. Another is pawing or rubbing his ear on objects to alleviate the pain. The overt signs will be a dark red ear, dirt on the ear, or a swollen ear.

Treating the first type of ear infection: ear mites

If ear mites are discovered under the microscope, the remedy is easy. Over-the-counter medicine for mites may not work because they have become immune to it. The vet will use an lvermectin for treatment of that dog ear infection.

Treating the second type of ear infection: minor ear infection

If there is an ear infection with no mites, then it may be an allergy or a yeast infection. The ear canal will be cleaned out, then the pet owner will have to follow up with using a prescribed ear cleaner two times each day until Fido is well.

In case of a yeast infection, a topical ointment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory will be prescribed.

Treating the third type of ear infection

How to treat this one is a challenge for the vet. It’s not like with mange in dogs, in which a simple topical solution can be used. There may be more than one cause, such as:

  • Bacteria- The dog inner ear infection may be due to staph, pseudomonas or proteus. They all need an aggressive treatment with powerful antibiotics.
  • Secondary yeast infection- Yeast live abundantly in inflamed ear canals. This type of dog ear infection will require a prescription by the vet. Don’t count on over-the-counter treatment for a severe yeast infection to be a remedy for the suffering dog.
  • Allergic reaction – A dog ear infection may be due to molds, dust mites, pollens, and other contaminants. One-fifth of dogs with ear infections, suffer from an allergy to food. A natural hypo-allergenic diet is possible for him. Antihistamines are usually effective to treat your canine’s inner ear infection triggered by an allergy.

A dog ear infection can be causes by many different sources. If it’s a serious infection, forget the over-the –counter remedy, and get him to the vet. Usually, there I a cure within a few weeks, even from stubborn dog ear infections.

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