Dog Illness Diagnosis

Dog Illness DiagnosisYour loyal friend, the dog, has been with us as a domesticated companion and helper for over 15,000 years. It seems he can talk sometimes, and definitely can tell you his emotions. With a smile and a wagging tail when happy, or dropping his head and being lethargic when sad, he can communicate with his complex body language. When he is ill, although we know it, we don’t always know what the problem is exactly. Without a veterinarian’s dog illness diagnosis, it may be difficult to treat him. With your dog, the vet can only look at overt signs for the specific malady. Your canine can’t say in words what’s wrong, meaning convey symptoms of the ailment. That’s why the vet can only base the diagnosis on objective observation of clinical signs. Take him to the vet immediately if you suspect your dog is ill. With a DVM Checker online, you can at least have an idea of your dog’s illness.

Dog illness diagnosis from coughing

Coughing is a common problem with a dog. It could be caused by any one of many possible diseases. He may be suffering from cardiac disease, inflammatory disease, and infection, distemper, or cancer. What’s concerning is that it could be a mild condition, or it could be lethal. It’s best to get your furry faithful friend to the vet as soon as possible.

Dog illness diagnosis from diarrhea or vomiting

Because of a dog’s lifestyle of eating some very unhealthy items, such as feces or small creatures or objects on the ground, your dog may suffer from diarrhea occasionally. One treatment, if the diarrhea, or vomiting is not serious, is to feed him some bland foods that are easy to digest. The vet may subscribe Hill’s Prescription I/D, or a special gastrointestinal diet until the diarrhea stops. Mild diarrhea will last only a few days, but if your dog has a loss of appetite, shows pain or depression, and is vomiting, it’s serious. Take him to the veterinarian clinic immediately.

Dog illness diagnosis from trouble breathing

If your dog has trouble breathing, this is a serious sign that he could well lose his life! There are many causes for a dog to struggle breathing. He could have a heartworm, congestive heart failure, kennel cough, or even a collapsed trachea. The best action is to take your beloved pet the vet pronto.

Dog illness diagnosis from skin problems

The most common reason for a dog to go to the vet clinic is probably due to a skin disease. A skin problem may be harmless to other creatures and humans, yet it may also be a contagious infection.

If your dog has hair loss, and it’s not from fleas, it could be the mange. This can be infectious to other animals, and is caused by one of two species of mites. There is a topical medication for each species, and dipping of the dog in a medicated solution can be done. The dipping method makes your dog smelly, however, and can be toxic to him. Veterinarians today are shying away from this method.

There are varieties of diseases that can strike your dog. Sometimes, one of several diseases can give your dog the same symptoms. There are simple checkers online to assist you in what’s wrong with your precious pet dog, but it’s always better to have the vet to perform a dog illness diagnosis from the signs of your dog’s possible sickness. The vet will quickly diagnose the proble and can advise you directly on the proper treatment.

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