Dog Illness Symptoms

Dog Illness SymptomsMan’s long-time companion, the dog, has been a loyal pet for over 15,000 years, and since its descending from the wild gray wolf it has taken many roles to help us. Dogs are mammals, also, and are susceptible to disease, just as we are. It’s easy to forget that your pet dog has health concerns just as you do. Don’t take its health for granted. To prevent much sorrow later, just take care of his health, and have him vaccinated. Many tragic illnesses can be prevented with simple immunizations. It’s beneficial in caring for man’s best friend to know dog illness symptoms for each particular disease, in order to treat that illness should it strike you precious pet dog. Dog illness symptoms and treatments of a few of the worst illnesses afflicting dogs will be explained here.

Vaccines to prevent dog illnesses

A vaccine is used to trigger your dog’s immune system to make specific antibodies that fight a specific virus. A vaccine actually is in either of two types. The first type is a live vaccine, which takes effect quickly, and gives a long-lasting protection from disease. It gives a mild case of illness symptoms, however. The second type is a killed vaccine, that is stable with a long shelf life, but the protection from dog diseases is not long-lasting.

Symptoms of distemper

The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that distemper is one of the most devastating viruses to hit a dog. If it strikes a puppy, death is almost a certainty. Half of adult dogs struck by distemper will die. Any dog is very susceptible to contract distemper. The dog illness symptoms vary, depending on the organs attacked. There is always fever, and often an eye discharge. There are so many other symptoms, which if your dog becomes lethargic, begins shaking and shows any health deterioration, take the pet to the vet immediately. Vaccination of your dog is strongly advised, along with booster shots during its life for continued immunity.

Symptoms of rabies

Rabies is another terrible and fatal disease. It is easy for a veterinarian to establish a diagnosis due to its radical effects on a dog. Dog illness symptoms from rabies are frothing at the mouth once advanced, and the dog will become very hostile.  Humans can contract this lethal disease if bitten by an infected dog.  Fortunately, the rabies vaccination is mandated by local and state law for all dogs.

Symptoms of Lyme disease

Lyme disease is from a bacteria infestation caused by ticks. Humans are at risk from this wicked disease, also. Dog illness symptoms are a sudden loss of appetite, lymph node swelling, fever, lethargy and severe joint pain. It’s not contagious from the dog, and is only contracted from a tick bite.  Let your vet be the symptom checker, and diagnose the dog’s problem.  Various diseases have common symptoms, but must be treated radically differently.

Symptoms of the parvovirus

Parvovirus is extremely contagious, and strikes all dogs, but especially puppies. It kills a dog within a two or three day period after exposure. If your dog becomes depressed, has diarrhea, begins vomiting, and stops eating, rush it to the vet immediately.  Any of these is a sign that your dog may be inflicted with the parvo virus. Vaccinations are available against this horrificly fast-moving disease. Get the scheduled booster shots for your dog to keep it safe from disease.

Your dog is always your true blue companion, no matter how the rest of the world treats you. It deserves to have its health, to never be sick and a long life.  Be sure to get your loving pet vaccinated fully, and then keep up with its booster shot appointments. You know that you want your dog to be around for as long as possible, and have a quality life. For that reason it is very important to be aware of the most common dog illness symptoms. Your dog is your best friend for sure.

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