Dog Skin Problems

Dog Skin ProblemsYour dog’s skin and coat tell you much about his health. The condition of his skin irritation can be very minor and temporary to long-lasting disease that will require treatment his whole life. The infection can be classified according to the cause. Several dog skin problems will be given here along with the treatment.

Immune-mediated dog skin problems

Your dog’s skin disease can be caused from an imbalance of his immune system. If his immune system is weak, he may suffer from more than one type of skin condition. For example, he may be suffering from demodectic mange and skin infections that recur, such as malassezia, or bacterial infections. Each malady will require a different treatment. Medicated shampoo will treat the mange and malassezia, but the bacterial infection will require consultation with your vet.

Canine Atopic Dermatitis skin problems

Dog skin problems from atopy are hereditary. It is a chronic allergic skin infection. Inception usually occurs between a half-year and three years of age. Atopic Dermatitis, or AD, strikes dogs with itchy skin around the eyes, muzzle, ears and feet. Sometimes it’s an allergy to dust mites, and may be seasonal.

Treatment for the AD will be avoiding the allergens if possible, which is difficult. So, it’s recommended for you to let your dog’s vet prescribe treatments, such as: steroids, ciclosporin, antihistamines, or immunotherapy. Once cured, medicated shampoos, wipes and ear cleaners are often used to preclude more infections.

Autoimmune skin problems

Pemphigus foliaceus strikes many dogs, and is the most occurring autoimmune condition of dogs.

Dogs with dry itchy skin may have blisters develop, and then erupt. This will form crusts and erosions that most often affect the face and ears first, and then spread to the whole body if untreated. His health is in danger with this condition. The paws will often scale up and thicken with a condition called hyperkeratosis. Bullous pemphigoid and epidermolysis bullosa acquisita are other autoimmune diseases, that are as hard on your dog as they are for you to say. Treatment of autoimmune skin diseases will have to be prescribed. Drugs such as: steroids, asathoprine, and others will have to be given to your canine friend.

Hot Spots are a painful skin problem for dogs

Another word for a hot spot is acute moist dermatitis, which is any infected area of skin irritation on your dog, that is exacerbated by his licking and biting the area. It begins with just dry skin from his licking and biting himself, and then suddenly becomes infected. It will show up and spread in only hours, leading to dog skin problems more severe. Sometimes a staphylococcus infection will develop, causing the top layers of skin to deteriorate with pus forming.

Treatment is with corticosteroid medication, with antibiotic medication applied on the skin. Medicine will also be taken by Fido orally, also. The vet may clip the hair around the infected area.

These are some of the common dog skin problems that can affect your dog’s health. You care much about your pet, so be wise and consult with your dog’s veterinarian before you try to treat any severe skin irritations that hit him. In the old days, the owner would just shoot the poor canine. Today, there is a treatment for such skin diseases, so be kind to your loyal companion, and get him the treatment he deserves right away.