Dog Tick Diseases

Dog Tick DiseasesYou care very much for your pet dog. He’s our trusted friend and companion, and if you have a family, it’s part of your family for sure. Just as you care about your health and your family’s, you want a quality, long life for your faithful dog. A tick is like a flea, it’s a dreaded, blood-sucking external parasite, and you want to protect your pet from it. What it does is it drops itself on the skin of a dog and wil bite through the skin and live on the dogs blood. One of the main reasons for that is that ticks can carry several dog tick diseases which could infect your pet. It can even be lethal due to the dog tick borne diseases, such as Lyme disease. There are some effective ways that you can treat your dog to prevent ticks.

Signs and Symptoms of tick diseases

The signs and symptoms of dog tick diseases are similar to some other diseases. A few symptoms of a tick borne illness are:

  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting bile
  • Lethargy

If your dog shows any of these symptoms/signs, rush him to the vet clinic right away. Tick diseases can cause paralysis or even death.

Different treatments to protect your dog from ticks and tick diseases

There are several effective treatments to protect Fido from dog tick diseases. One popular method is to use natural herbs. It’s only natural ingredients used when you apply herbal treatment to the dog’s coat, which is safe and no repugnant odors.

Chemical-based treatment for prevention of tick diseases

There are other chemical-based products that are safe to use in preventing dog tick diseases, also. You can purchase them at your local pet store, or from your dog’s vet clinic. The drawback to using chemicals is that they have a strong odor which will compel you to wash your dog after the application.

Frontline brand of tick and flea spray is effective

Frontline Plus will protect your dog from ordinary tick diseases for four weeks, and paralysis dog tick diseases for two weeks.

Simply spray the Frontline Plus on the dog’s neck with the pipette that comes with the treatment spray. Be patient, once the treatment is applied, you shouldn’t have to remove the tick. It should fall off once the spray is applied.

Special soaps, oils and creams can be used as tick treatment for dogs

Anti-tick soaps, oils and creams are powerful and effective in preventing ticks on your dog. Rinse any of these products thoroughly from your dog’s fur once you’ve washed the pet with it.

Consult the veterinarian about treatment to prevent tick diseases

Other than the non-prescription counter medications for ticks, the best means of tick control is to take your dog to the veterinarian. Get the advice from the vet before you administer any medications to your dog’s coat. If your dog shows symptoms of ill health, possibly from a tick, get the dog to the vet immediately. The veterinarian can diagnose the problem, and prescribe the correct medication to strengthen your dog, and to ensure there are no fleas, ticks, or other terrible parasites attacking him/her. It’s necessary for your dog to be outside, at times. So, a common wood tick is nearly impossible to avoid. Your best strategy is to have regular visits scheduled for your dog to the vet clinic.

Bring your precious pet dog to the vet occasionally for health checkups. Consult the vet about how best to prevent tick problems. The vet will advise you on the best dog tick diseases treatment, with the proper dosages and treatment frequency suitable for your pet dog. Various sizes of dogs require different amounts of chemical-based products and sprays, such as the highly effective Frontline Plus. Check your dog’s coat often. It’s best to be proactive. Ticks can not only destroy your dog’s health, but can take the dog’s very life. You owe it to man’s best friend, your pet dog, to protect it from all canine maladies, including the blood-sucking tick.