Home Remedy For Dog Ear Mites

Ear mites can be extremely annoying to a dog

Home Remedy For Dog Ear MitesEar mites aren’t dangerous for dogs but they can make your dog go nuts with irritation. When the ear mites nest themselves in the ear of a dog, they feed themselves off the oily layer on the skin on the inside of the ear and on cell tissue waste. They then lay their eggs inside the dog’s ears and quite quickly start to reproduce. The skin on which the ear mites start their family get inflamed which, in combination with the light movements of the ear mites, can cause a serious itch for the dog. So to help the dog out of this misery, this article discusses a home remedy for dog ear mites?

Is there a home remedy for dog ear mites?

Or, is there anything you can do yourself to help your dog getting rid of this itch? And the answer is yes. The first step will by some be described as disgusting, but is a necessary first step in a home remedy for ear mites. Get a good amount of hand warm water and start cleaning the ears. Be very careful in doing so because you do not want to damage the dog’s eardrums. Also taking your time and letting the mildly warm water sit in the ear for a few seconds before cleaning it carefully with some cotton wool or a q-tip. But again” BE CAREFUL!!

The warm water will kill the ear mites and gives immediate relief to your dog. However, the problem is not solved yet. Despite the fact that the ear mites have been killed and removed, bacteria will stay behind, keeping the skin inflamed and itchy, although less than before.

The second step in home remedy for dog ear mites is curing the inflammation by eliminating the bacteria. There are certain types of oil and pyrethrin solutions available. Although these will have some effect, the ear mites have become more and more to these types of treatments and especially the weaker ones hardly have any effect.

So what does help against ear mites in dogs?

But there are more effective methods for home remedy for dog mites. Diluted Ivermectin for example. This is a solution used to fight this issues on horses, however, it is also proven to be very effective on dogs. You will need to treat the dog once a day for a period of three weeks. Also be aware that there have been a few rare cases where the treatment had side effects on the dog.

Another very effective and much less time consuming is Milbemite. Milbemite is probably the most effective home remedy for dog ear mites. In most cases a single treatment is enough to solve and cure the dog from ear mites completely.

Additionally many new treatments have entered the market in the last year which have proven to a very successful home remedy for dog ear mites. We have a look on the special deals at the top of this article for the best prices for getting your dog the medicine it needs.