How To Get Rid Of Ear Mites

How do dogs get ear mites?

How To Get Rid Of Ear MitesEar infections such as ear mites are common in dogs with long, hanging ears and narrow ear canals. Dog mites are similar to leaches. They have parasitic attributes. They tend to crawl from one animal to another. How do dogs get ear mites? Well, if a healthy dog, fights, plays, or takes a nap with a dog with ear mites, then eventually the mites will transport to the healthy animal. This mode of is commonly referred to as direct contact. Dogs can get ear mites indirectly as well. Mites usually drop off of one infected animal and wait on the next by hiding themselves in pets bedding, soil or even pet toys. Ear mite infections are most common in kenneled environs such as animal shelters. Even wondering aimlessly around the yard could get your canine infected as mites lurk unsuspectingly in dark places. So when you signal you dog has been infected by ear mites, the obvious next question would be “How to get rid of ear mites?”

Natural Remedies for Ear Mites

So how to get rid of ear mites? Getting rid of dog ear mites is simple and can be of little or no cost to the pet owner. Natural remedies for ear mites can be found in your day to day household products. Some methods of home remedies for dog ear mites are:

  • Put a few drops of mineral oil in the pooch’s ear, massage it and let the dog shake it out on its own.
  • Warming baby oil and dropping it in the ear works just as well
  • Corn Oil is also frequently suggested by expert pet owners
  • Frequent shampooing of your pooch may also help to get rid of ear mites.
  • Some vets advice pet owners to use white vinegar due to its acidic nature it may help to clear dirt and debris.

These natural remedies for ear mites have been used by pet owner all over the globe and are often the quickest ways to nip ear mites in the bud before they reach an advanced stage where a veterinarian has to be consulted. It’s is therefore a good first approach on how to get rid of ear mites.

Dog Mites on Humans

Dog mites on humans are extremely common more so if that human is a proud pet owner. Mites are easily transmitted from pet to owner. Two types of mites that can be spread between dogs and humans are known as sarcoptic mites and demodectic mites. Humans can be infected with canine mites in many different ways. Mites can crawl off dogs and onto sheets, clothes, couches or any surface where the animal frequents and patiently waits for its next victim. Once mites are identified it is wise for pet owners to heat vacuum surfaces such as carpets beddings and linens to kill parasites and prevent future infestations.

Treatment for Dog Ear Mites

This article gives easy advise on how to get rid of ear mites in your dog’s ears. The treatment of dog ear mites is as simple as picking up a medicine from your local pet store. It is advised however that the dog for first be taken to a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and for a prescription drug. It is important to properly clean the ear canal of the animal with the prescribed oil or drug to prevent any and all future infections. It is recommended by most vets that treatment continue approximately two weeks have the dog seems to be cured to ensure that all ear mites are killed. Regular cleaning of the dog’s ears is also recommended.