Ticks On Dogs

Ticks On DogsYou want a long, healthy life for your loyal pet dog. You want to protect him against every possible dsease and especially those blood-sucking external parasites called ticks. A tick can be lethal due to borne diseases, such as the Lyme disease. There are little ways to prevent ticks on dogs unless you want to keep him inside for the rest of his life. But there are some ways that you can treat your dog to avoid the awful tick problem.

Symptoms of diseases from ticks

Several symptoms of a tick borne illness are:

  • Vomiting bile
  • Lethargy
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea

If your pet has any of these symptoms, take him to the vet clinic immediately. Ticks on dogs can cause a disease that could lead to paralysis, or even be lethal.

Treatments of ticks

There are several effective treatments to protect from ticks on dogs.  One totally safe method is to use natural herbs on dogs.  Apply the fully natural herbal treatment to your dog’s coat, as it is safe without bad odors.

Chemical treatments to prevent ticks on your dog

There are other chemical products to prevent ticks, and for tick removal from your dog. They are readily available at your local pet store, and from any vet clinic.  Unlike herbal treatments, however, chemicals have a strong odor. You should wash your dog after the application.

Frontline Plus tick spray

Frontline Plus will prevent ticks on dogs a month.  Just spray the Frontline Plus on your dog’s neck with the pipette attached with the treatment spray.  Give it some time to work. If there is a tick attached to your dog, you shouldn’t have to remove it. It will drop off after the spray is applied.

Treatment creams to prevent ticks

Anti-tick soaps, oils and creams all work well to block ticks on your dog. It is recommended to rinse any of these treatments thoroughly from your dog after it’s applied.

Consult the veterinarian on preventing tick diseases

Besides the over- the – counter medications for dog ticks, the best tick control is to bring your dog to the veterinarian. If your dog shows symptoms of being ill, get him to the vet promptly. The vet will diagnose the problem, and prescribe the correct medication for your dog. So, a common wood tick is nearly impossible to avoid.  As a tip, have regular visits for your beloved dog to the vet clinic.

Bring your treasured pet dog to the vet regularly.  Discuss with your dog’s vet how best to prevent dog tick diseases.  The vet will advise you on the ideal dog tick treatment.   Various sizes of dogs require different quantities and frequency of chemical-based sprays and other treatments. Inspect your dog’s coat frequently.  It’s eternally better to be proactive. Ticks are painful, and can not only ruin his health, but can kill him. He’s almost human, but still can’t tell you in words if he’s having a problem.  Protect him from this vampirish blood – sucking tick.  Let’s have no ticks on dogs!