Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Triathlon Cycling ShoesWith the three legs of a triathlon: T1-swimming, T2-cycling, and T3-running, you need shoes that are comfortable, well-supported, hard-soled for energy saving, and very importantly, quick-changing! Find out more here as to what shoes are the best for your triathlon cycling shoes in heated competition.

Basic requirements

Have comfortable triathlon cycling shoes for that T3 last leg of running. Ensure your shoes are snug, with toes together, and the hell is secure. If there’s any room for your foot to move, you are destined for blisters or “black toe” from friction. Also, shoes too loose will lose precious time in the race.

Have a solid shoe. A carbon sole is perfect. It prevents loss of power that a cushiony shoe will cause. The drawback is the shock on the body, of course. If you can’t afford the carbon shoe, get the hard plastic model.

Have a quick-changing triathlon cycling shoe, which is needed at T1 and T2: the transition from swimming to cycling, and from cycling to running. A wide Velcro strip to fasten the shoe is ideal.

Test the triathlon shoe properly when shopping

When trying out new shoes, ensure they are triathlon cycling shoes specifically. Have them fitted at a bike shop, so that you can test them out while riding a bike.  There are popular bike shops where you can bring your own bike to try out the shoes, and they’ll provide an indoor trainer.

Recommended cycling triathlon shoes

The Scott Tri HM Carbon:

These wide cycling shoes are very durable, stiff and light, with a carbon sole for stiffness. It has the single wide Velcro strap for quick changing, and even has a sock-like interior; you will need no socks.

The Sidi T2.6 Carbon:

Avid, competitive cyclists wear this triathlon cycling shoe. It has a streamlined design and has a hook-and – loop strap, with perforations to keep your feet cool. The lining is padded to make the triathlon more comfy. Sidi is the most popular shoe of the world’s professional triathlon

The Louis Garneau Carbon Tri HRS:

This shoe is highly popular with serious triathlon athletes. It features a heel retention strap which keeps the heel secure during T2 strokes of the bike, and while running that last T3 leg. There is no loss of power.

Popular Brands of triathlon cycling shoes

Definitely, try out various brands of cycling shoes. These are the ones that the top triathlon cyclers are using today: Sidi Triathlon shoes, Bont, Louis Garneau, Shimano Cycling shoes, and Scott.  These are the shoes recommended if you want a balance of comfort and speed for triathlons.

When shopping for triathlon shoes, be smart and read all you can to compare triathlon cycling shoes, and other equipment.  If you are into the iron man triathlons, and want a competitive bicycle, find a mountain bike that has a proven track record. Ask other triathlon athletes for information, as they are the true experts. They can tell you the clothing that are comfortable on the road legs, and are quick-changing.  Many use the Shimano triathlon cycling shoes and Shimano SPD pedals. Before you buy that gear, though, go to more than one store.

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