Wide Cycling Shoes

Wide Cycling ShoesIf you are an avid cyclist then you know that the equipment you use is very important to your performance while riding your bike. One piece of equipment that is important is your shoes used for riding and if are in need of wide cycling shoes you may find the hunt for a good pair of shoes a little more difficult especially if you do not know what to look for. If you know how to decide if you need a wider shoe and how to find a vendor who sells good wide cycling shoes then you will not have that much of a problem.

What are wide cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes are designed to attach to the pedal of the bike with a type of clip. Bike pedals and shoes need to have a good fit or you may have some serious problems along the way. A good fit lets the rider pull up on their foot without their foot leaving the pedal. It also helps make the bike have much quicker action and can make a difference in speed. Even though it is not a required shoe, many cyclists have greatly benefited from using this type of equipment in their performance and comfort on their bike. The fit of the shoe is imperative because a badly fit shoe can decrease your pressure when peddling. There are three different shoe widths, narrow, regular, and wide and you should look for a manufacturer who can supply the shoes you need. A wide cycling shoes manufacturer will offer shoes in the ‘wide “ranges. Another detail is if you are man or a woman, because generally a lady has a higher arch and smaller heel than a man’s does. When cycling the last thing you want is, a shoe that is not wide enough and your wide feet are pinched or constrained so tightly that you cannot apply the correct pressure on the pedals.

Types of shoes for types of cycling

Knowing what type of cycling you are going to do is important because of the large range of shoes offered on the market. For everyday cycling you may not want to spend the money for a pair of high-powered shoes, but if you go over rough terrain or long distances you would want to. Triathlon cycling shoes are on the high end of the scale, because they are designed for cycling, but also have holes to allow water to escape quickly for drying. In a triathlon they pace is fast and the transition from one event to another must be done in a moment of time so most people participating do not want a difficult shoe and shop for the best product on the market. Road racing, mountain biking, and touring have different shoes that can be worn specially designed for these types of cycling. Wide cyclsing shoes used as touring shoes for example often are not bought with the clip part of the shoe being essential because touring involves stopping and starting a lot, where mountain bike shoes are designed with good solid grips for steep inclines. The type of shoe you purchase should meet the need to the cycling you are doing. Your foot is an important part of your body and the best shoe you can find at an affordable price will help you enjoy cycling much better. The road that you choose to ride your bicycle on can also make the difference. Rougher roads require a better way to stabilize your feet and maybe a different kind of shoes than you have.

MTB  Benefits

MTB (mountain biking) along with all other types of biking are beneficial mind and body exercises that help you gain fitness and lose stress. Regardless of where or how you shop, you will need to be conscious of your body’s needs and signals. Get the right equipment for the right price, by doing so good old fashioned research and then ride and enjoy your time on your bike with comfortable wide cycling shoes.