Body Sculpture Rowing Machine

Body Sculpture Rowing MachineUsing this body sculpture rowing machine is an excellent way to get and stay fit. It lives up to its name, in that it can truly sculpt your body, while building up your endurance with regular use. It’s also called and erg machine. With it you will tone up all the muscle groups, your arms and legs. You will feel the endorphins kick-in after each exercise session. It’s also an exilerating cardiovascular workout. By using this machine, you will not only mainain your health, but will be extending your life.

Comfortable and easy to use

This is a very smooth rower that is durable and lightweight. Your seat is comfortable, with large size footplates that easily swivel, and have Velcro quick-attaching strap fasteners. The Body Sculpture Rowing Machine folds up easily, and becomes compact for convenient storage. It has eight levels of magnetic resistance to individualize your level of training.

The Body Sculpture Rowing Machine is a good-looking machine, and although light, it’s very durable. It has a computer monitor that is easy to use and read. On its colorful, very legible LCD it will give you the time, rowing count, total count, calories burned and scan. There are smooth-running, but durable polyurethane wheels that give the machine smooth movement during exercise. There is a central pulley that simulates actual rowing on the water. You have a magnetic breaking system that operates quietly, also. Storage of this great machine is very convenient and simple. It folds around two hinges, and unfolds for you in a heartbeat. There is absolutely no assembly needed for using the Body Sculpture Rowing Machine. For your body toning, muscle building, sports training, and endurance building, as well as your overall heath, this machine is an excellent buy, and investment. The BR-3050 Body Sculpture Rowing Machine  displays an LCD readout.

Remarkable deals

The stores selling these machines can offer remarkable prices because they import directly from the factory. These stores gives you superior service along with the fine warranty. Their after sales support by the factory sets the standard for service in the sports equipment industry.

Each rowing machine possesses a one year warranty on parts. The warranty is provided by factory no matter where you buy the machine. An additional one year warranty extension is also possible.

Delivery and installation

The delivery is free to anywhere in mainland United Kingdom, but there will be a surcharge for air and offshore or certain Northern Scotland locales. Their customer support staff will be happy to assist you for any concerns.

The Body Sculpture Rowing Machine is ideal for a full body workout, and for rowing competition training.  You can get a used concept 2 rower at a reasonable price at a store or shop, and usually you can expect this equipment to work well for you. However, for the warranty, you must purchase this fine fitness machine new. Reviews are excellent regarding purchases of this machine used, and it keeps its resale always high.  Just shop around and compare prices. Get one today even if you’re not into rowing for a total body workout right in your own home or office.