Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Concept 2 Rowing MachineConcept 2 Indoor Rowers have set the bar high for the entire rowing machine industry, since its advent in 1981. The operation, reliability, customer support and service have been unparalleled by any other company for the recreational and professional athlete. Regardless of age or ability this is the best rowing machine around the world. Read on about the concept 2 rowing machine.

The Concept Two Rowing Machine is Number One

Many superior features of the Concept 2 rowing machine:

  • Equipped with a PM3 or PM4 monitor of your performance
  • A fly wheel patented design that cuts noise and creates a smooth sense of rowing on water
  • A special controllable damper for the specific pull force needed
  • A stainless steel track coating for smooth motion of the rowing seat
  • An ergonomic handle for proper arm and hand placement
  • A monitor arm that closes for space-saving storage
  • An aluminum rail supporting the rowing seat on a stainless steel track for long-term smooth machine rowing
  • Footrests that adjust for quick sizing

Compact storage with easy instructions is fact for this rowing machine. This indoor rower pulls apart for convenient storage and transporting:

  • Easy assembly with instructions
  • Caster wheels for easy moving
  • The PM4 has a heart rate PM4 monitor

Get an all-around body conditioning

With the use of your entire body against resistance during the workout, you are gaining fitness; working the upper body, arms, legs, abdomen, back and shoulders continuously. The good news is, too, that there is no impact on your body, saving your joints and cartilage. The range of movements possible on both the Concept 2 rowing machine and SkiErg focus the work out on the upper body, core muscles and your legs. There is the benefit of getting intense cardiovascular and neuromuscular workout, also.  Both machines are simple to use, and even when the exercising on them is low intensity, your appearance and performance will improve fast.  The SkiErg will especially improve your flexibility, eye-hand coordination and posture.

The SkiErg is the leading ski training machine

Whichever skiing is your niche, cross-country or downhill, the SkiErg model is the ideal ski trainer. Simply, it works the legs and core muscle groups, building your strength and endurance via the poling motion needed.

The Concept 2 Ski Erg Machine has these stellar features:

  • PM4 performance monitor
  • User control of the pull needed
  • Handle straps that are fully adjustable
  • A reliable smooth pull for many years
  • Different exercise modes

Owner’s testimony

An amateur review,” @AntiMAGOTS2 “said,” The Concept 2 machines seem to hold their value very well. I’ve seen 1-3 yr old machines going for $600 to $800. Best bet is to check out your local Craigslist. You might also look at the Concept 2 website for any refurb, or at local rowing/health clubs to see if they might be selling any older machines.”

As the new owner suggested, check around various places for a Concept 2 rower for sale that suits your budget. Such a Concept 2 rowing machine hold their value, and will benefit you greatly. The best place to look around if these day the internet where you can find the lowest price for sure and it will be delivered to your front door.

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