Used Concept 2 Rower

Concept 2 rower for home or gym

Used Concept 2 RowerA used concept 2 rower is a great machine to have either at your home or at a health club and gym. It is ideal for indoor fitness activities and one of the best in body sculpture rowing machine or equipment. This concept 2 indoor rower model is great for dealing with issues of an entire fitness for your body and not just building muscles for a few areas. These machines can be found in abundance online on websites like eBay. You can buy then at varying prices new or second hand. The sites will also allow for you to read the buyer feedback or review of the product which gives you an idea of what the used concept 2 rower can do.

Depending on how much a of a gym buff you are, you might recall seeing rowing machines at various gym locations. The used concept 2 rower is a great overall machine that burns a lot of calories. They use many muscle groups as well; you can achieve maximum output at all times. This is why your trainer will encourage you to try out the machine in your workout cycle. It is great especially if you do not have a great amount of time to spend at the gym. Like many other fitness equipment there is a PM3 or PM4 monitor and preset programs that you can use. It will allow you to check on and track through your fitness progression. There is pace, time, distance, speed and calories burnt accounted for. You can even customize it to view what you want.

Fitness features of a used concept 2 rower

The users of the used concept 2 rower are overjoyed with the features because especially when used at home, you have a better idea of how you have progressed. The rowing equipment will account for you using your legs, back, shoulders and arms in a sequence of movements; just as if you were on the water. This will be facilitated by the sliding motion of the seating as it goes back and forth. You will have a rhythm that is smooth and unhindered. In terms of getting an exceptional cardiovascular workout the concept 2 rower is the best. This is one of the great elements of the machine. There are ten levels that you can go through from its chain-driven action. This is what also gives it the capability of adding resistance to the rowing, so that you develop strength from the exertion of more effort in your row. Your conditioning will be improved with just as little as 30 minutes of rowing.

A concept 2 rower is ideal for home fitness

The machine is also great and ideal as mentioned before for people who prefer to workout at home. In terms of space the used concept 2 rower is compact. It is also not too bulky that you cannot lift it and store it away on your own. The pricing on this machine will vary but you can get them for about one thousand dollars; much less than what you would pay for many other cardio equipment.