Pearl Izumi Tri Suit

Pearl Izumi Tri SuitThe Pearl Izumi Tri Suit is the best apparel for the short or long triathlon. It has the snug fit, comfort and durability to serve you well in any swimming, cycling or running activity. With its fabric, you stay dry and comfy in all kinds of weather conditions. It’s also designed for quick-changing as a time saver for competitive events. Find out more about this excellent as running clothes for men and also some running clothes for men while in the extremely cold temperatures.

The Pearl Izumi Tri Suit has all these racing features:

  • Ideal for long of short triathlon races in all three legs: swimming, cycling and running, and as apparel during long bike rides or runs.
  • Moisture-absorbing fabric with lots of ventilation
  • UPF 50 + rating for UV rays sun protection
  • Quick-drying fleece chamois for seat comfort
  • Leg grippers of silicone and elastic to keep the pant legs from riding up your legs
  • Fast-dry comfort of Direct-Vent panels that “breathe”
  • Flat locking seams that prevent your inner thighs from getting a rash
  • Reflective areas on the tri suit to protect you in low light
  • Envelope- designed pocket for nutrition bars that is built-in for optimal aerodynamics.

Review from a Pearl Tri Suit buyer

A man named Bruce 305b, who purchased a Pearl Tri Suit, and stated he bought the Izumi tri suit because it was a quality outfit, and is ideal for competitors watching their pocket book. This suit fits great for him. He remarked that he is never tugging on  straps to maintain a snug fit.  The seat built into the bottom of the suit is excellent for the short triathlon races.  The legs of the Pearl  Tri Suit  stay in place, and the zipper never catches.   Bruce resommends to  just wash it in your home sink with Tide, then wring it out. Place it on a hanger, and it will dry rapidly. He said it’s the best triathlon suit an athlete could wear.

 Cold-weather running clothes for men

Just because it’s cold weather, doesn’t mean you have to wear bulky attire for running that has no style.

Here are coordinated running clothes for me that will have you styling from head to toe. Among track jackets this was the most economical from the an online store. It’s the lightweight Puma track jacket that also comes with a matching pant. Pearl Izumi tri suit jacket on sale now for only $30, and has these fine sport features:

  • Lightweight but durable polyester to gain more speed
  • Machine washable
  • Elite tri with full zipper in front with a stand-up collar
  • Front slit pockets with a Puma logo on the chest
  • Two-tone jacket with attractive striping
  • Asics Beanie with Reflective Lines for $20
  • Reflective lines wrap this knit hat for night time running

Craft Trail Brushed Zip Mock Long-Sleeve Top for $70:

  • Soft, stretchy shirt
  • Broke-in comfort and it’s breathable
  • Mesh collar to keep your neck dry while perspiring

Nike Running gloves for $18:

  • Reflectors for visibility
  • Sweat-wicking

The Pearl Izumi Tri Suit is the perfect versatile attire for a triathlon race, but is also comfortable enough for casual running and cycling in all kinds of weather.  From a few online sports clothes stores, you can shop around, and find other stylish running clothes for the cold winter days.  So, regardless of the outdoor temperatures, enjoy a great day or running or cycling… or have a triathlon day and do all three activities, swimming, cycling and running!

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