Running Clothes For Men

Running Clothes For MenThanks to modern science and the incredibly high salaries of many top athletes today, running clothes for men are designed for comfort and high-level performance. Amazingly, running clothes for men like the Pearl Izumi Select Tri Suit, and shoes, such as the Bont Cycling Sub-8 Triathlon Shoe are extremely lightweight for performance, yet durable and comfortable.

The Pearl Izumi Select Tri Suit is the ideal running outfit

This specialized designer triathlon suit is perfect as running clothes for men, and is also quick to remove since it’s also designed for triathlon racing. It has many features conducive to competitive running:

  • Form-fitting design to cut the wind resistance.
  • Seams that are “flat locked” to help prevent skin irritation.
  • Front 12” zipper to permit ventilation as needed.
  • Side panels that allow air flow and help control the temperature.
  • Silicone Leg gripper with elastic to keep your hem in place.
  • Protection against bad weather.
  • Anatomic tri chamois that dries fast, and has carbon yard for heat regulation, and odor protection.
  • Built-in back pocket for placing nutrition bars and such items.
  • Reflecting material that keep you visible when there’s little light.
  • Suit materials 88% nylon, 12% elastane, and in mesh areas it’s 92% polyester and 8% elastane..
  • The fabric is perspiration-wicking, ventilated well, and UPF 50+ for excellent UV protection.
  • Machine wash cold and line dry.

The Pearl Izumi Select Tri Suits for men are in all sizes, and available for shipping to other countries. Prices vary, depending on the particular suit, from $50 to $130.

The Pearl Izumi Mens Select Tri Suit

This suit was bought by BPM6, who had this to say in essence: I bought this suit by Pearl Izumi, andwore it for a triathlon soon after that. The bottom pad for my rear-end is not as thick as my bike shorts, but it served its purpose well. I must say that the leg bottoms remain in place throughout a race after my experience.  The seat pad is with a stitching up the middle of the suit. Some bikers claim that a racer shouldn’t get any suits or shorts with that seam down the middle; that it will be irritating , but I didn’t even feel this suit’s seam for this  long sixteen mile bike competition.  Since I was a new bike racer, I forgot to use vaseline in places where I could develop a rash. Remarkably, I was comfortable the whole way through the race with this suit. I didn’t even have any red marks from any friction. If you’re a serious racer, get this suit.

Comfort and cycling speed with Bont Cycling Sub-8 Triathlon Shoes

  • Fast to remove for quick changing:
  • Two-part tongue for opening completely
  • Loop at back for easy to grab
  • One Velcro strap that secures the shoe
  • Stiff carbon sole, and EVA thermo moldable innersole
  • All carbon shoe, weighing only 225 grams, or about 8 ounces!
  • Breathable design with 40 air vents

These designer sport shoes are built are attractive and made for the cycling race leg of a triathlon. They are perfect gear for long distance cycling, also.  The price is around $330.

When it comes to running for men, the apparel must have comfort, performance and durability.  Tri suits for men are ideal for any running sport.  The Bont cycling shoe is recommended for competition cycling due to its light weight, easy changing capability, and comfort. Good luck in whichever is your favorite sport. These running clothes for men apparel will pay off for you!

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