Running Tops For Men

Best fabric for running tops

Running Tops For MenTechnology in running apparel has advanced very rapidly over recent years, probably much faster than in the footwear industry. Contrary to common belief, cotton is not the best material for making running tops for men. While cotton running tops for men look really good, they are a bad option for running gear because cotton absorbs heat together with moisture and that leaves the runner feeling cold. Worse still, cotton clings to the runner’s body, making running a very cumbersome and uncomfortable experience for the runner. New Balance has to be formed while designing and manufacturing running wear as running is increasingly becoming more scientific by the day.

Running tops and performance

Lightweight and breathable running tops for men are the best solution for many sports apparel manufacturers because they allow the runner’s body to cool down more easily during a running exercise and in the process enhancing performance. Light running tops are less irritable because the fabric discards moisture rapidly. Most running apparel retailers are turning towards comfy running gear. The material for the apparel should be highly versatile, cultured for various running conditions. The cloth should insulate the runner against the cold, while also cooling the runner in hot weather. Furthermore, the running top should not entrap rain water as this will end up dragging down the runner with unnecessary weight. For the runner to concentrate, he has to be comfortable at all times.

Moisture wicking is also a desirable feature of running tops for men. Any moisture the body creates should be taken away by the fabric. This way the runner stays dry while running. Body temperature regulation is achieved by layering the running gear. This way, the body is allowed to respond gradually to drastic weather changes like storm, sudden heavy rainfall, etc.

Layering in running tops for men

The running top has the first layer, known as the base layer. This is the layer that takes moisture away from the runner’s body to mitigate chills. This is why cotton running tops are discouraged as they will only get soaked up with sweat. CoolMax is the preferred material, because it will capture the dampness and transfer it to the next layer of the clothing. Thermal tops make good base layers for triathlon suits for men, a short and a singlet.

After the base layer, there is the outerwear. Outerwear consists of items like running jackets for men and gillets. They are specifically meant to protect the runner against windy elements and rain. The runner has to remain warm and dry at all times.  Showerproof jackets go for as little as £50. Wind – stopper jackets are more costly, but still remain worthy investment for runners because they offer increased protection. All these clothing can be obtained from Nike’s apparelsport. Asics are also known to produce some nice running clothing. With scientific development, runners may only be required to buy running wear with the above two layers only. Running tops for men are also a fashion statement.