Cordless phones with headset jack

Mobile phones with the headset jack

Cordless phones with headset jackTechnology has been adapting over the last decade at a very fast rate. The cell phone has transformed into smart phones and in most cases don’t seem like phones at all. They have become so multifunctional that we can now watch TV, listen to music, play games, and talk to friends on every social networking application available. Mobile phones are owned by the majority of people in the world and have many great accessories too. Nevertheless, these advancements in technology have not left out the other areas of telecommunications like landline phones. There are cordless phones still in use and for convenience there are also cordless phones with headset jack.

The way gadgets are being designed nowadays it’s for convenience and portability. People are no longer interested in dealing with phones that are bulky and hold them to being used in one place. The same applies for PCs too; that is why there are wireless headphones for computer or wireless headset for laptop and phones. Hands free devices are making it call centers have an easier time of handling customer request and increasing productivity in their employees. The technology has also increased the clarity of the calls received.

Now let’s move on to understanding the capabilities of cordless phones with headset jack. This jack allows for more than one person to be connected to a single telephone. With a base station being in one location; calls can be routed to several individuals and their headsets. The headsets will also have charges. The one disadvantage with this system is that you have to consider the range limitation of the device. You can get cordless phones with headset jack that are manufactured by companies like Plantronics and Panasonic. They have some of the best models on the market with longer set ranges.

The telephone features of mobile phones with 3.5 jack connection

To get a fair understanding of the devices we checked out a couple of these models; which are generally rated fairly highly. Throughout the examination we looked at the number of features that both the base station and the headset were equipped with.  Another aspect was whether the installation process was problematic or not; the plug and cord were compared also. Customer support performance from the manufacturers of the Panasonic KX-TG6545B, Siemens Gigaset SL785 and Panasonic KX-TG7644M was checked as well.

Comparing the performance of the best cordless phones with headset jack

A number of elements make these cordless phones with headset jack stand out in terms of the phone features. They include the silent setting, call conferencing, caller ID, battery charge, talk time and even the speakerphone. In terms of the device features for both the handset and base, we examined the cell phone integration, headset Bluetooth compatibility, base speakerphone, and an alarm function; hands-free communication by the headset jack, intercom and answering machine.

The criteria for ease of use have to do with how the cordless phone usability. Wireless devices tend to have disturbances at time and lack of clarity so it was important that these were lacking in the phones highlighted above. Customer support is also good with provision of warranties and email addresses and contact numbers for handling user queries and issues. Based on the information we have presented you will have an easier time identifying a quality cordless phones with headset jack to use at home or work.