Wired cell phone headset

Wired and wireless headsets for mobile devices

Wired cell phone headsetLaptops, radios, iPods, televisions, mobile phones and other kinds of digital gadgets like a PDA use headsets. This is so that you can either free your hands to do other tasks or you can have some privacy of listening to someone or something. Headsets that are being made now can be used in several devices because the ports are very similar. There are also headsets that use different transmission technology like Bluetooth, infrared and radio to pick up and send sound signals. While some people are trending towards wireless headphones for laptop and GN Netcom wireless headset and accessories, there are those that use wired cell phone headset as well. The big advantage these days beiing the inuversal mini USB connector.

Comparing wireless and wired cell phone headset

Wireless gadgets are very convenient. You can take them anywhere and they will work depending on the technology and range. In terms of multitasking capabilities they are great and for this reason millions of employers use them. There are two factors going for wired cell phone headset. They are reliable in terms of not dropping a call and there is no worry about radiation with clients. The radiation issue is of great concern to many and so they try to avoid it. There are many top brands that still make these wired cell phone headset for stereo and mobile phone use.

Research on the effects of using wireless vs wired headset

With nearly two billion people using cell phones throughout the world whether with wired cell phone headset or wireless; scientists are making cell phone radiation a hot topic. They are worried that there will be an increase in diseases linked to high cell phone usage. One of the foremost scientists, Dr. George Carlo has a safety research project that costs nearly thirty million dollars. From his findings he is predicting that every year we will start to see at least half a million more people with brain and eye related cancer and diseases. Now there are only upwards of fifty thousand a year.

There are studies and review of medical finding that strongly indicate that people can suffer from cell phone related issues like Alzheimer’s, cancer, brain tumors, high blood pressure and headaches or migraines. Many of these health problems will not present themselves immediately. They will remain latent until even many years in the future. As time persists, however, these effects are growing so many users are listening and taking the necessary precautions.

One of the precautions is to lessen the use of these wireless devices and earbuds. You might be thinking that it is impossible to do this; but believe me it is not. You can screen your calls, and make them shorter. This is easy if you will be seeing that person throughout the day. Scientists have presented data to support the fact that if you are on the phone for even two minutes your brains natural electrical activity is still affected an hour later.

You should also limit the use of these wireless and mobile phones by children. Their brains are still developing so they shouldn’t use them unless it is an emergency. The effects on them are stronger. When compared to wired cell phone headset, an air tube headset is better. Wired sets intensify radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Men are often cautioned about putting cell phones near their groin area. Doctors have been saying that it is an unsafe practice for many years. They state that it affects the sperm count, making it difficult to conceive children.

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