Wireless headphones for laptop

Wireless headphones for laptopNo doubt, you want to sit in comfort and convenience while listening to music, movies, or other audio sources that are important or entertaining. What better way, than to have a comfortable set of wireless headphones for laptop? They all allow you much more freedom than a wired cell phone headset. Each one of the following three wireless headsets is the best  quality your money can buy.   These cordless headsets  with high ratings from Plantronics are highly recommended.

The Plantronics Backseat 903 wireless headphones for laptop are versatile and flexible

The Plantronics Backseat 903 wireless headphones have a comfortrable earbud for each ear, with  Altec Lansing audio technology for life-like quality sound. These wirless headphones for laptop also have dual-mic AudioIQ technology to eliminate all noise pollution. Sound was never so clear! The 906 model comes with an adaptor for streaming music from older iPods and MP3s that lack the BluetoothA2DP stereo profile. Both the 903 and 906 give you wonderful audio for music. They  have  a bass-enhance feature, and also an OpenMic patented button that allows you to hear all around you with the flip of a switch. The Plantronics Backseat 903 is very flexilbe and versatile. It adjusts to fit you personally, and easily folds up so you can slide it into your pocket or purse.  The Plantronics Backseat 903 wireless headphones for laptop are compatible with nearly all Bluetooth cellphones.  You will be very happy with this headphone set for all your listening pleasure or business.

The  Plantronics CS55H Home Edition earphone is long range from your phone

The Plantronics CS55H Home Edition earphone  is designed for unique home office audio uses.  With these wirless headphones for laptop, you are wearing the latest technology.  All environmental sounds disappear from your 1.9GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) 6.0 wireless headphones.  It has fantastic sound quality, and is flexible, conforming to your head in comfort.  You have remote control call with the CS55H Home Edition.   You are able to walk away from your desk, but keep your  calls.

The  Plantronics CS55H can do all the following:

  • Allow you to travel up to 300 feet from the phone
  • Make calls from  the call control accessory
  • Filter out all ambient noise
  • Noise-canceling microphone filters out background noise
  • Up to eight hours per charge of battery
  • 1.9GHz frequency for secure and clear  talking

The MX500i 3-on-1 VolP wireless headphones for laptop is for the work-at-home pro

The MX500i 3-on-1 VolP Headset is ideal for the work-at-home pro. You can use this wireless headphones for laptop in three different ways to make calls:

  • Call Skype and other internet calls via your PC or laptop computer using the USB port
  • Call by connecting  to your cordless phone
  • Call connecting to your cell phone

Since the MX500i headset is designed to boost sound quality, your professional calls will be clarion wherever you are. You can talk hands-free, while multitasking while traveling, or at home. The MX500i has all these excellent traits:

  • Windsmart mic,  canceling wind sounds for clear calling
  • Lightweight flex grip design to be easy on your ear during hours of use
  • One-touch volume control with a convenient mute button
  • One year limited warranty

These three wireless headphones for laptop by Plantronics are each unique, but all are backed up with a limited one year warranty, and allow you freedom of mobility while worn on your ear/s for many hours.  Noise is completely silenced with any of these cordless Bluetooth headsets.