Wireless headset for laptop

Remote headsets – Bluetooth, radio and infrared capable

Wireless headset for laptopOne of the things that are most valued in a business setting is productivity. Companies are always searching for equipment that will boost this so that their revenue will be positively affected. Headsets make this possible as well and workers will be able to perform better with them rather than with one that is attached to the PC; even if it is to the USB port. There are those which are VOIP capable and also come with a mic and which makes it even more functional in handling client calls and multitasking at the same time. A wireless headset for laptop, GN Netcom wireless headset and cordless phones with headset jack are things of convenience; they are built either with Bluetooth, radio or infrared capabilities.

The wireless headset for laptop with mic that has infrared uses this to broadcast the sound signal between the headsets to the base unit. It is in a similar manner which the remote control and television works. The range will get less the farther away you are from the center line; but it rounds out to about seven meters. The limitations are due to the fact that this kind of headset is infrared/optical in nature and clear transmission depends on the oath between the transmitter and headphones not being blocked. You will find it very problematic if you have to move around the house or office. If you will just be in from the television of computer then you should be fine.

Bluetooth wireless headset for laptop

The Bluetooth earphone technology is different in a wireless headset for laptop. It uses a radio signal of low power to transmit sound digitally. Not many brands carry these models but that is beginning to change; especially in the MP3 player industry. They are not being welcomed by Apple because they have the same disadvantage as infrared types. The advantage though of portability still makes brands like Travelite an attractive option. The difference from infrared is that it is more from radio technology, so if the line of sight is blocked, dropped calls or lose of signal will not be an issue. They are also sold at a reasonable price.

The more reliable and versatile all of all three kinds is the radio capable wireless headset for laptop. With this headset you can walk all over the office or your house and not drop or lose the call. It uses the same technology as Bluetooth but is even more powerful. It is not digital but FM and operates on a different frequency. If you have any interference issues you can change the channel frequency.

Buying your cordless Bluetooth headset

The type you purchase can depend on the use. Based on the information given above, you have to look through your environment as well and then select an appropriate model. You can shop online and there will be millions of options to choose from. They range from lesser known brands to popular makers like Travelite. Another advantage of using wireless headset for laptop is that many of them can be used on other devices like phones and your stereo radio.

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